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Latin name - Vulpes vulpes

The red fox has excellent vision and smell. Their hearing is particularly acute at low frequency, making it fine tuned for hearing prey in the undergrowth.

They are capable of making 28 different vocalisations.

The tail, or brush, makes up one third of their body length.

A dog fox weighs approximately 14lb (6.5kg) and a vixen weighs approximately 12lb (5.5kg) - making them about the same weight as a Border Terrier.

Although know for eating rabbits, rodents and carrion, they are know to supplement their diet with beetles in the summer and and berries in the winter. Urban foxes can develop a taste for almost anything. Surprisingly, earthworms feature quite regularly on the menu.

Spare food is buried for eating at a later date. They can consume 2lb (1kg) of food a day.

Breeding usually takes place in January, although the fox pair will have spent several weeks together first.

Up to 5 cubs are born in March/April. For the first 2 weeks the mother will stay in the den and be fed by her mate.

The cubs are born blind, but are able to see in just under 2 weeks. They venture above ground when they are 4 or 5 weeks old and at this point they are an earthy brown colour.

The family group tends to fragment in late autumn.

A group of foxes has been called a Skulk and an Earth.

They can reach speeds of up to 30 mph

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