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Film Productionns

Westcountry Wildlife & Film have over four years experience in writing, filming,editing and producing videos and short films. We have produced over 60 videos in that time, ranging from short clips of wildlife to promotional films for local businesses and Trusts. We have also created our own nature documentary series consisting of 16 episodes to date.

Examples of our previous work, such as clips and short videos, can be found on our Film Media page or on our Vimeo and Youtube channels.

With our background in wildlife documentaries, we have a great deal of patience and imagination. We are particularly flexible in what we can offer you; either using a pre-written brief/script and filming it for you to edit and produce or taking an idea and producing it from start to finish - including filming, editing and producing. We can even provide DVD duplication services and have your film burned to CD/DVD and create a CD label and case insert. Why not visit our Services page to see what we can offer you?