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PONIES PONIES Loxley's Look at Shetlands Langford Heathfield 128514588 Shetland Creche Langford Heathfield, Somerset 128514595 Shetland foals New arrivals at Langford Heathfield, Somerset. 128514587 My two babies Langford Heathfield 128514590 Cute and Fluffy Shetland foal 128514589 Hungry Shetland foal Langford Heathfield 128514591 Friend or Friend? Shetlands at Langford Heathfield 128514592 Shetland foal Langford 128514593 Shetland mare Lazy mummy 128514594 quantocks foal feeding Quantock foal feeding 93431101 Quantock mare and foal Quantock pony - arab blood 101976159 Quantock Pony Stallion Quantock Stallion - arab blood 101976161 Quantock mare and foal Quantock Pony - exmoor blood 101976160 Quantock mare and foal Quantock Pony and foal 101976158 exmoor foal Young Exmoor foal 86248513 young exmoor Young Exmoor foal 86248514 exmoor foal Exmoor foal 83759378 exmoor pony Exmoor Pony 98713897 exmoor stallion Frisky Exmoor Stallion 86248515 Exmoor foal feeding Exmoor foal feeding 93501044 Exmoor Stallion Exmoor Stallion 93501045 Exmoor Mother and foal grooming Exmoors Grooming 93501047 Exmoor Pony Exmoor Pony 93501046 dartmoor Dartmoor Pony 83759395 dartmoor and foal Dartmoor Ponies 86248734