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Photo Gallery‚Äč

Our garden in 2015 Our garden in 2015 The rambling rector In 3 years - stump to massive flowering habitat. 198656910 Basic Blooms for bees Single flowering are best to feed insects. 198656911 Large Red Damselfly One of the first creatures to find and use our pond. 198656912 Late Spring at the pond 198656913 Allowing the weeds to grow Meadow buttercup is very popular with hoverflies. 198656914 Rambling Rector showing off 198656915 Speckled wood One of many varieties we see. 198656916 Native 7 spot ladybird 198656917 Re-designed hedgerow/shrubbery Based on a four seasons hedge with either flowers or berries throught the year. 198656918 Crosswort and Perriwinkle up close 198656919