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Photo Gallery‚Äč

Wildlife Garden Wildlife Garden Large red damselflies and sunfly New visitors to the pond 180452429 Spiderlings 180452430 Broad bodied chaser 180452432 Broad bodied chaser 180452433 Broad bodied chaser New to the pond 180452431 Red tipped flower beetle Visitor to the long grass 174050304 Garden Chafer Visitor to long grass 174050305 Log pile For insects etc 174050306 Long grass Rich in buttercups and insects 174050307 Raised flower bed 174050308 Hoverfly 174050309 Honeysuckle 174050310 Rambling Rose Single flower recommended 174050311 Butterfly Feeder 174050312 Hoverfly 174050313 Cotoneaster 174050314 Escallonia 174050315 Lavender 174050316 Garden Progress 180452425 Garden Progress 180452426 Bugle by pond 180452428 Pond a year on 180452427