About Bricksave

With experts from Latin America, the US and Europe, we are a world-class team of property experts, finance geeks, fintech gurus and entrepreneurs. Our collective knowledge and experience span multiple geographies, decades and sectors.

Bricksave is a real estate crowdfunding platform designed to make investing in institutional grade investment properties around the world simple, accessible and instant.

Bricksave was set up with a clear mission: To disrupt the traditional way of investing in property, previously reserved for High Net Worth and institutional investors, giving Bricksave investors easy and direct access to property-backed investments with attractive potential returns.

The state-of-the-art investment platform allows instant access across every time zone. The clear and simple dashboard display allows investors to view, monitor and manage their investment portfolio wherever they are in the world, from the palm of their hand. 

Behind our investment platform is a specialist team of property professionals searching the globe selecting investment opportunities.  Our expert team undertake strict due diligence and navigate complex legal and administrative undertakings in order to create a bespoke selection of properties for investors to choose from.

Bricksave now serves over two-thousand users worldwide, offering access to secure asset-backed investments into secure real estate opportunities across the world’s strongest currencies. 

Welcome to Bricksave: Global real estate investing. Backed by bricks and mortar.

Investing carries risks, including loss of capital and illiquidity. Please read our Risk Warning before investing.